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Will The End of Oil Mean The End of America? by Robert Freeman

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Army of Cars Through words and images, this Web site examines the so-called "need" to own a car. We explore the possibilities, challenges and rewards of living auto free and auto light.

On average, one-third of the population in any given community does not drive. Age, disability or finances are the usual reasons, but a few individuals choose to depend less on a car, opting for life on a human scale and at a human pace. These persons report that driving less has rewarded them with reduced stress, improved health and more spare time and money.

By using their cars less, many people have rediscovered their communities, becoming intimately familiar with less traveled, tree-shaded lanes, walking shortcuts and serendipities they never experienced from behind the windshield. For these folks, driving less--or not at all--has become synonymous with a better quality of life, which, after all, is determined by the way we live.

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1987 Ford, Ranger How much does it cost?

- 30¢ per mile
- 3.3 miles per dollar (MPD)
- $1,361.82 (YTD 09-15-2008)

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Big Bucks

Some insist that driving their own car is the cheapest way to get around. Gas is the main cost, they claim. In reality, gas is not even half the cost. True costs of car ownership »


Where are we going?

How will we get there? How many more "free-wheeling four wheelers" can we support? How much farm land and open space are we willing (or able) to sacrifice for roads, parking lots and junk yards? As the car's voracious land appetite knows few boundaries, perhaps the real question is, Why Cars?

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They never
owned cars!

Abraham Lincoln, Chief Pontiac and many other great and accomplished individuals lived long and happy lives without cars.

How about you? Take the next step, literally. Get out of your car and discover a new world, one where human interaction—instead of human isolation—revitalizes your spirit for community and a clean evnvironment.

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