A Brief Introduction to King Colossus Online Video Slots

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This game has a dazzling background of beautiful emeralds, rubies and amethysts which litter the floor, and wild golden statues which stand guard over the King.

King Colossus is a 5 reel, 40 pay line slots game, with a strong theme of wealth, and lots of gold and money. The main character is a huge King Colossus, The King transforms into a massive symbol that covers the screen.

This game benefits from stacked King Colossus symbols as well as stacked wilds, which can result in   seriously large wins.

Many Good Features and Free Spins

The main purpose of the King Colossus slots game is to try to win the Free Spins feature.  This is activated when the player is fortunate enough to find three Bonus scatter symbols at the same time on the three middle reels, namely reels 2, 3 and 4. The player is then rewarded with five free spins.  These are, however, entirely different from the normal free spins that are won in any other game.

This game benefits from two distinct Wild symbols. There is a Bonus Wild symbol of a Golden Lion, which faces towards the right of the screen, and which appears only in the free spins feature. Two or more of these symbols may appear in a random position on reels 1 and 5, which will each reward the player with a free spin. If the Bonus wild is stacked on both reels one and five, there is a possibility of a big win. This feature also pays out on a +1 symbol, which can appear on any of the three middle reels, or reels 2, 3 or 4. Every time the player finds one of these symbols, there is a free spin on offer. This, however, does probably not happen often. If the player is in a hurry to hear the coins falling, there is the convenience of pressing the fast play button on King Colossus and enter the fast lane to winning riches.

Jackpots and Features

The main attraction of the game of King Colossus is the King himself, who is a massive symbol. If the player is lucky enough to get this huge symbol across all three rows on the reels, as well as guaranteed wilds on the reels 1 and 5, the resulting jackpot can be enormous. The player will also be awarded three Bonus wilds on each free spin.  The larger wins do occur in the free spins feature, and the Massive King symbol covering all three rows is luckily found fairly frequently.  This can sometimes result in a thrilling win to the value of 650 times or more the original bet. Certainly the winnings are more often 50 or 60 times the stake bet, but the possibility of winning such a large jackpot tends to keep the player’s interest at a high level. This game seems to have been created to increase wealth.

Profits Offered in the King Colossus Game

The setting of this game is impressive, as it is designed to look like the inside of the rooms filled with treasure in an exotic palace. There is also an extremely attractive sound track that accompanies the backdrop of the game. It is also an easy game with simple clear icons to show the way through all the golden offers of huge jackpots.