Dice Express HD Slot Guide for You

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Dice Express HD is an online slot game. It originally released a number of years ago, and has only recently been updated with higher resolution graphics for a modern audience. But was this visual facelift enough to make a dated game playable again? The answer to this question is yes and no. In terms of graphics Dice Express HD has indeed had its images improved, with a noticeable clarity to each symbol design.

The theme, however, based around what appears to be a beach scene, does not live up to the much more advanced and interesting themes of current games. The symbol images are also basic and cartoon-ish in nature, which works to the favour of other games that have a stronger premise, but in Dice Express HD it just seems lazy. Graphics, however, do not make a slot game enjoyable, and it is the game play where Dice Express HD really shines.

Using a five reel, twenty one play line system, the player is allowed to select individual betting lines, as well as the betting amount. This is already more freedom offered then some other modern games. This play system combined with an easy to understand bonus feature make the game thoroughly enjoyable. That it is highly generous with payouts helps as well.

Basic Play Features

Dice Express HD recycles a number of traditional casino slot symbols, including melons, cherries, and lemons. The most valuable standard symbol is the lemon, and although one wouldn’t be biting into any lemons in real life, in this game one will hope to see them as much as possible. Matching the lemon symbol five times grants an instant payout of considerable value.

What makes the game interesting however, is that some symbols may be matched just two times in order to grant a payout, which greatly increases the frequency of wins. The cherries, plums, sail boat and island may all be matched just two times, with a small payout given. The lemons, cocktail glass, pineapples, and grapes may be matched a minimum of only three times. This combination of possible winning sequences makes for an interesting game play experience.

Bonuses and Specials

There are a number of bonuses in Dice Express HD that keep the play exciting. The first is the V symbol, which acts as a wild symbol and will match with any other symbol to form a matching sequence. The next is the Spin symbol, which will grant free spins if matched three or four times, and trigger a Wheel of Fortune mini-game if matched five times. If the mini-game is triggered a second window will open, allowing the player to spin a wheel.

Anything from a hundred free spins to massive cash prize can be won. The last bonus symbol to look out for is the dice, which is where the mega cash can be found. If the dice symbol is matched five times it will trigger a jackpot, one that is certainly something to write home about. Note that the dice only match five times, and may not be paired with the wild symbol to create a winning sequence.