Get To Know The Real Meaning of Responsible Gaming

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Online casino operators, software providers and all those associated with supplying services to the gambling industry need to uphold the concept of responsible gaming. This is to ensure that they follow high standards of safe and fair gaming which will help protect players against the adverse consequences of excessive and irresponsible gambling.

esponsible gaming is a set of policies and procedures that ensure all possible measures have been implemented in order to protect players against adverse effects of gambling and any fraudulent behaviour.

Online Casinos Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Gaming authorities, regulatory bodies and non-profit organisations require online casinos operators to comply with the regulations set out in the responsible gaming codes of conduct. The more reputable online casinos and software developers will have a strict commitment to ensuring responsible gaming.

Criteria for Practicing Responsible Gaming

Responsible gaming involves online casinos ensuring vulnerable players are protected by introducing measures that aid in prevention of problem gambling. These include programmes and information on advice or support for players with gambling problems.

Players must also be entitled to set their own betting limits. Underage gambling must be prohibited and online casinos must do everything possible to ensure underage gamblers are prevented from playing. The registration processes must clearly stipulate the underage policies and strict verification procedures should be set to prove age.

Different jurisdictions have different age limits when it comes to gambling and this should be taken into account. Online casino operators need to execute effective procedures and have firm policies to prevent money laundering and other fraudulent activities.

Responsible Gaming Services of Online Casinos

Responsible gaming by online casino operators also relies on them offering safe and fair services. Personal and banking details of all players must be held in strict confidence by using preventative measures like protection software and having controlled procedures to prevent unauthorised disclosure. Ensuring fair gaming can be done by having the software tested by independent companies.

These companies have strict requirements, which will need to be adhered to in order qualify for fair gaming accreditations. Jurisdictions that issue the online casino licenses have conditions that need to be adhered to in order to retain licensing. These ensure the operations are safe, secure and reliable. Marketing and advertising needs to comply with regulations which ensure the information is factual and is not aimed at vulnerable or underage gamblers. Permission needs to be granted before any marketing can be done by using the player’s personal information.

An online casino operator must have in place the correct procedures for any complaints or issues raised by unhappy players. These can either be done internally or through a third party representative like eCOGRA who provides mediation services for any disputes between players and online casinos. All money transactions made to or from the player’s accounts must be done so accurately, efficiently and as pay outs must be paid as fast as possible. There should at all times be sufficient funds available to cover all cash prizes and to pay out any balances that are outstanding. The player’s funds should be held and managed in separate accounts from the casinos account.