Marbles Lottery Game

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The Basics of Marbles Lottery Game

Marbles lottery game is a scratch card style online casino nz game from renowned casino software provider Net Entertainment. This online lottery game, like many others, has been styled to resemble a traditional scratch card. The game prompts players to use a magic wand of their preferred colour to reveal a random prize amount by choosing 6 of the 8 pearlescent white marbles displayed on the screen. The Marbles lottery game can be played for real money, but certain online casinos also offer a free demo version that allows players to try the game before choosing to play it for real money.

Marbles Lottery Game Graphics and Theme

The Marbles lottery game is set against a backdrop that resembles a stage complete with dark blue curtains and a small magician’s table. On this stage and situated between the blue curtains are 8 pearly white marbles. In keeping with the theme, a magician’s black top hat is visible to the left of the stage, and the hat is filled with magicians’ magic wands. Above the hat is an illuminated orange ‘Potential Win’ button, and above that button is a row into which winning golden marbles will be transferred, allowing players to view their progress during the game. The Marbles lottery game pay table is simplistic and neat as is online bingo NZ, and has been designed to match the game’s magic show theme.

Stakes and Top Prize Amount

The Marbles lottery game has a fixed wager that cannot be adjusted, and players must play the game at a stake of 2.00 per game. This amount is displayed on a banner in the top left hand corner of the game screen to inform players. The top prize offered by Marbles is 50,000.00, but players will win a randomly allotted prize amount of anywhere up to the top prize amount when they reveal 3 of the winning golden marbles during the game. To view the amount that can be won, players can click on the orange ‘Potential Win’ button at any time.

How to Win the Game

Each time a winning marble is revealed, it will be transferred to the row above the ‘Potential Win’ button, allowing players to keep track of their progress and how many golden marbles they have revealed during the Marbles lottery game. Players must reveal a total of 3 winning golden marbles to win the game’s random prize amount, which can be checked by selecting the ‘Potential Win’ button.

Playing the Marbles Lottery Game

The game will start when players select the ‘Buy Game’ button on the Marbles lottery game pay table. Before the game begins, players can choose to select a colour of their preference for the magic wand they will use to pick their chosen marbles. The game will then be activated, and 8 pearlescent white marbles will appear on the stage on the screen. Players will be awarded 6 picks per game, and must choose 6 of the 8 marbles on the screen with the objective of revealing winning golden marbles.