Pablo Picasslot Online Slots Casino Game Review

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Pablo Picasslot is an animated online video slot game produced by Leander Games. Based on the life of famous painter Pablo Picasso, this game incorporates all of his famous paintings into a cartoon-style animated world. The backdrop to the game is Picasso’s painting studio where the reels sit inside a massive framed painting. Picasso himself stands next to the reels, paint brush in hand ready to touch up his masterpiece. When a winning combination is achieved, the famous painter will whoop with excitement and dance a jig. The cartoon-style graphics are lively and colourful, and combined with the classical music background track, all work together to produce a light-hearted and fun slot experience.

Animated 5 Reel Painting Slot

The slot machine in Pablo Picasslot is based on the classic Leander Games setup of 5 spinning reels with 20 paylines in which players can form a winning combination. The reel symbol in this game all relate to the famous painter and his tools of the trade. The highest paying symbols in this slot include a paintbrush, a paint pallet, a tube of purple paint, and a painter’s easel. To complete the lower paying symbols, the game designers have opted for the standard set of high card symbols that have been designed to look like paint markings.

Painted Wild Feature

In addition to the standard slot game, Pablo Picasslot also includes a number of bonus features in the form of a painted wild feature, a free spin bonus and a masterpieces bonus. In this game there is no single wild symbol. Instead the game employs the use of the painted wild feature. During live play, on any spin, painting frames fall from the top of the screen at If a painting frame stops on the reels, the frame will turn the reels into a stacked wild symbol of a famous Picasso painting.  All of the frames are different sizes, with some as big as 9 symbols.

Free Spin Bonus Round

Pablo Picasslot also includes a free spin bonus round. To trigger the free spin round, players must land 3 free spin symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. Once the free spin round has been triggered, players will be rewarded with 8 free spins. The good news is that during the free spin round, a wild painting frame will stop on every spin revealing a stacked wild symbol of a famous Picasso painting. This means that players get more chances to create a winning combination.

Masterpieces Bonus Round

The third and perhaps the most lucrative of all of the bonus features in Pablo Picasslot is the masterpieces bonus round. To activate the bonus round, players must land 3 bonus symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4. Once the bonus round has been triggered, players must pick from a set of painting in order to find keys to open one of 3 chests. There are three types that must be found to open a single chest. Once all the keys have been found to unlock a chest, players will win an instant coin prize and the bonus round will end.