Take a Look at the Canadian Casino Industry

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Canadian Casino Industry

The Canadian casino industry like the casino industry around the globe is a thriving economy that has resulted in the creation of dynamic advantages for the country and her people. The Canadian casino industry has brought about real benefits that are interlinked to the country’s economy. The gaming industry in Canada is the backbone of Canada’s entertainment industry.

The industry contributes generously towards important public programs and charities, with over $10 billion in current capital construction throughout the Canadian economy. Canadians benefit from the massive growth spurt the gaming industry continues to foster around the world. With over 135,000 Canadians employed in casinos in and around Canada, the industry contributes towards a whopping $2 billion in salaries annually.

Players from Canada in quest of thrilling gaming experiences enjoy it all in Canada. With all forms of gaming open, and regulated by government establishments and the private sector, Canadians have access to a variety gaming options including but not limited to casino gaming, lotteries and sports betting options.

Brick and Mortar Establishments

The Canadian casino industry stretches across all ten territories in Canada, with Ontario and Quebec the two provinces in Canada most saturated by the casino industry. A study found that Quebec is home to more than 10,720 casino industry establishments. This means that there are over 10,720 places to play casino games, lotteries, and wager on horse races as well as play other electronic betting machines in Quebec.

Ontario sports over 10,327 Canadian casino establishments allowing players to participate in all forms of games of chance. With all ten provinces in Canada open to all forms of entertainment based wagering, Canadians enjoy a gaming culture that not only tolerate games of chance but also celebrates them.

Brick and mortar Canadian casino establishments are limited in the sense that they do not provide players from Canada with the same types of entertainment that can be found online. Online platforms are exciting and at the forefront of technology, appealing to a wide range of demographics and interests. Brick and mortar Canadian casinos are strictly moderated and as such have lost touch with the people.

online casino markets in Canada

Online Casino Markets

All online casino markets in Canada are unregulated and completely open to the public. With hundreds of online providers to select from and the number constantly growing with the dynamic mix of competition within the online domain, Canadians enjoy premium entertainment from Static machines such as desktops/laptops and smart mobile devices.

Online casinos are freely available with a host of entertainment options available to suit individual needs and gaming preferences, for all players seeking thrilling Canadian casino industry options.

With games including various slots, table games, poker lounges and new age three dimensional games including VR games, the online casino industry offers players from Canada a totally immersive experience that no land-based casino can.  It is estimated that the unregulated online casino industry in Canada is worth approximately $1 billion.

With regulated markets, available to players from Canada in the form of lotteries,

Land based Casino Markets are in the early stage of introducing other various games of chance like Blackjack and Poker.

Regulated markets do align their visions with the countries specific needs more holistically, however with the unregulated markets penetration reaching across Canada and the availability through a multiplicity of devices, the regulated market has a lot of catching up to do.

The Future of the Canadian Casino Industry

The Future of the Canadian casino industry, like the future of the worlds casino industry lies in the hands of technology and new developments within the gaming domain.

With alternative casinos like VR casinos and adventure casinos, the future of all casino play is directly linked to the way in which the new age consumer, who demands an immersive and captivating experience, which by nature of modern technology can only be found online.