Common Slots Errors Revealed

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Playing online slots generally doesn’t involve much more than spinning reels and occasionally playing a Pick-a-Prize or similar bonus game. To some players, the uncomplicated gameplay makes it seem like it is almost impossible to make mistakes. They usually are surprised to find out that the most common slots errors have very little to do with the gameplay.

Instead, the most common mistakes that players make when playing slots involve things like the use of strategies and betting systems or playing games with the wrong volatility. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Using A Strategy/Betting System

One of the most common errors that many players make is to use a strategy or betting system in the hope of guaranteeing or increasing their slot wins. The truth is that strategies and betting systems can look wonderful in theory, as they were developed with ideal conditions in mind. Thanks to RNG software, slots seldom, if ever, offer the ideal conditions in which strategies and systems work.

  1. Choosing Games With Unsuitable Volatility

Volatility is a fairly reliable indication of the type of action you can expect from an online slot. For example, low volatility games usually offer frequent small wins that generally allow players to keep playing for a while. High volatility games usually offer larger wins infrequently. If you are looking for action in which you see winnings come rolling in regularly, you are better off choosing a low volatility game.

  1. Tapping the Max Bet Button

There is nothing wrong with using the max bet button when playing if you intend to place the maximum bet and you are keeping track of your bank roll. Unfortunately, some players do not keep an eye on their balance, or they don’t pay attention while playing, and tap the max bet button instead of the play/spin button. Either way, this common error usually is an expensive one.

  1. Trying to ‘Read’ Slots’ Payouts

Some players use the time and date of the previous jackpot payout, the RTP, the volatility, or the amount of money they’ve bet of an online slot to try to predict the next big payout. We can understand completely how tempting it is to do that, but the truth is there is no beating a tried and tested Random Number Generator. The randomness of the results they produce makes it impossible to predict when next the slot will pay.

  1. Playing While Drinking Alcohol

Many players play slots to relax and unwind after a long day or a heavy week at the office. Some players also have a few drinks while gaming. This may make them feel slightly more relaxed but drinking while playing is one of the most common slots errors. Alcohol can impair our ability to make rational decisions, and it can make us less observant. It also can give us a false sense of courage, which means we may be more likely to bet more than we would have if we drank tea, coffee, or an alcohol-free beverage while playing.