Debunking Old Wives’ Tales About Slots

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Superstitions, myths, old wives’ tales, and general misinformation about slots continue to abound. But there’s no need to succumb to or be bamboozled by any of that, because what we’re about to tell you is everything you’ll ever need to know about what not to believe about winning or losing at slot games.

Winning Is Harder Over Weekends

This one has got to be as common a slot machine myth as what it’s ever going to get. Contrary to urban legend, casinos don’t pay some unfortunate bad-luck-unleashing employee to stand around “flipping the switch” on who gets to win and when.

In reality, slots come already pre-programmed as a standard. Changing the way in which slots pay, the intervals at which they pay, or even the amounts they pay, would require the casino to order in a completely new and different electronic processor chip. Not only that, but any change to “returns” also require obtaining a list of permissions as long as an ole bandit’s arm from the relevant gaming authorities. In short: it’s hard and super-controlled work.

Whether you’re playing on weekdays or on the weekend, your odds of winning at slots remain exactly the same.

Bring Back The Winning Lever!

Many people – educated people, no less – believe in the fallacy of pulling a physical mechanical lever being more “effective” than hitting “Spin” on a video slot machine.

Since everything is today done via the slot machine’s internal computer and processor, it makes no difference at all whether you’re yanking on a handle or flicking your pointer at a shiny button.

Location, Location, Location

None of it matters. Period. The misconception that slot machines stationed near the door of a casino or at strategic high-traffic markers on the casino floor are “loose” machines that pay better than the rest, was probably inspired by the age of the classic fruit machine. Hint: we’re no longer living in that age.

And yet, even some “How To Win” authors continue to, to this day, spread the gospel of location being a win-contributing factor on the casino floor. Casinos are in reality much more concerned with the visual appeal of the casino floor, of the types of games on offer, and of the quality of the experience than what they are about the location of any given slot machine.

Only Big Spenders Ever Win

Another common misconception – and myth – is that the only way in which to really win big is to consistently play at maximum bet. While playing big can at times have its advantages, spending big on every single spin certainly isn’t part of the requirements.

A much better strategy is to play at the maximum bet you are personally comfortable with, given the size of your own bankroll. Failing to do this will have you out of pocket sooner rather than later in any event – at which point you won’t be able to afford playing even the cheapies.

Have fun. The minute slots are no longer fun, it may be time to try something else.