Deuces Wild Video Poker Review and Exclusive Guide for New Players Online

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Online gaming software developer Net Entertainment, or NetEnt, is developing quite a reputation for its selection of video poker titles. Its Deuces Wild title, played on a single 52-card deck, has been popular at online and mobile casinos for several years. It now comes in multi-hand versions that allow players to play 10, 25 or even 50 hands at once.

However, Five Hand Deuces Wild is a good happy-medium version of the game. Players can bet on all five hands without breaking the bank, and a full hand can still be completed with just one deck, even if the player draws five new cards on all five hands.

This is important, because even in Five Hand Deuces Wild, players only hold and draw on one hand; the cards they hold are duplicated over all five hands, with replacements drawn from the remaining cards in the deck to replace all the discards.

Maximum Bets Bring Maximum Rewards

As with Single Hand Deuces Wild, players begin by deciding their bet levels. Coin values can be adjusted from 10 cents to 10 Euros, and players can bet up to 5 coins per hand. Naturally, the total bet per round of Five Hand Deuces Wild is 5X the total coin bet per hand, to cover all five hands. The pay table shows all the prize values, which vary according to the number of coins played. The Wild deuces make five of a kind one of the winning possibilities.

It is always advisable to bet all 5 coins per hand in Five Hand Deuces Wild, even if this means the player has to set a lower coin denomination. This is because the top jackpot increases exponentially when the fifth coin is played.

A natural Royal Flush will pay 250X, 500X, 750X or 1,000X the hand bet when 1, 2, 3 or 4 coins are played, respectively. If 5 coins are bet, however, this top jackpot rises to 4,000X the bet on the individual hand.

Simple Draw Poker Play

In play, Five Hand Deuces Wild is a simple draw poker game like most video poker titles. After setting the bet, the player hits Deal and is dealt one poker hand face up, and four others face down. The player checks the visible hand, deciding which cards to hold and which to discard.

Deuces are Wild, substituting for any other card to make winning combos, so it always makes sense to hold them. Deuces and a pair also automatically form three of a kind, which is the lowest winning poker hand on the pay table. When the player holds cards, the same cards appear on the other four hands and are held on them as well.

The discarded cards in all five hands are then replaced by new cards drawn from the same deck, so apart from the common held cards, no two identical cards can appear in different hands. Each hand is then assessed for any winning combos it contains, and the player wins the total of the prizes for all combos made. This game is probably as exciting and potentially lucrative as the POLi casino poker options available to players these days at

Permanent Gamble Option

After every win, the player is offered a gamble option. If they choose to gamble, they either double the win, or lose it all.

Players can set the game controls so that the Gamble is either activated automatically after every win, or else never offered at all, so players who find the feature annoying can turn it off.