A Simple Guide to Online Casino Games for Greek Players

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The search for great online casino action for Greek players is bedeviled at the moment by a complex legal and political wrangle. As we saw in the financial crisis and subsequent showdown between the Greek government and the EU, it is a country in which effective change may happen only after great upheaval.

Here is the situation in a nutshell: land-based casino gambling has long been legal in Greece, but online casino action only became legal, in theory, through a change in Greece’s Gambling Act in 2011. However, the government granted one casino operator a monopoly on all Greek online casinos, and was promptly sued by several other casino operators.

The European Court of Justice ruled that the Greek government will have to revise its policies, but until that happens, there are no Greek-based online casinos. But Greece’s casino fans need not despair; it IS possible to find great online casino action for Greek players, and we can show you how.

Playing at International Online Casinos

The need to identify great online casino action for Greek players is not an illusory one. Greece is home to some of the most enthusiastic wagering fans in the world. In fact, the Greek football betting operator OPAP is considered by many to be the biggest sports betting operation in Europe.

The solution, for Greek players in search of great online casino action, is to play at international online casinos that accept Greek players. Because online gambling is now legal in Greece, even though the country still has no online casinos of its own, there is no legal restriction on Greek players partaking of the action at these casinos.

Some Casinos Offering Play in Greek

There are quite a few online casinos that offer Greek as one of their language options, most of them based in Europe. To name just a few of the best reviewed options found after a quick search online, these include NetBet Casino, 7Bit Casino, Betvictor Casino, StarGames Casino and Poker Casino.

All of these sites, and many others, also offer deposit-matching bonuses of at least 100 per cent, if not more, on the player’s first deposit. So players can try out different sites for longer, without spending more than their initial deposit, until they find a site that they like. A quick search for online casinos adding the keyword Greek will give gaming fans plenty of options on great online casino action for Greek players, much like the action for Canadian players through slots, roulette or the online blackjack Canada has on offer.

The Criteria that Matter

The first criterion, when trying to find great online casino action for Greek players, is to make sure that players can wager real money and win real money in return. So the site must offer play in Euros, to avoid any hassles with currency conversions. There should also be enough banking options for deposits and withdrawals, on banking platforms that are available to Greek players.

Home language is the criterion that matters most to many Greek players, though. It’s very reassuring to be able to enjoy online casino action in one’s home language. Those online casinos that do offer Greek as a language option have, in effect, transformed their operation at a stroke into a Greek casino, and will no doubt attract a steady stream of players from Greece.