Online Pai Gow Poker Game Review

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Both Pai gow poker and online Pai gow poker are American versions of the Chinese gambling game which goes by the name of Pai gow. The Chinese game Pai gow is actually played with thirty two black dominos with red and white dots on them. These dominos are Chinese.

The game is played in many casinos throughout China and has seen an increase in popularity over the last twenty years. There are also many casinos in the United States, including those in Reno, Las Vegas, Atlantic City and others, that offer the traditional game of Pai gow. Though they may sound similar, Pai gow and Pai gow poker are too very different games. The words Pai gow actually mean make nine in Chinese. This gives a hint as to what the objectives of both of these games are.

Unlike Pai gow, online Pai gow poker and its brick and mortar casino equivalent are played with a normal deck of fifty two cards. This fifty two card deck must also include one joker card. The table is set up so that six players can play and there is also room for the dealer. The idea is the players to beat the banker. In certain conditions, the banker might be the dealer while at other times the banker might actually be a separate player that is at the table.

Object of Online Pai Gow Poker

The object of the game is for players to construct a total of two poker hands from the cards that they are given by the dealer that will beat the dealer’s hands. The dealer gives each player a total of seven cards with which to do this. They are given a hand with five cards and then they are given a poker hand containing two cards polar opposite to blackjack online. The rank of the hand with five cards has to be more than the rank of the hand with two cards. The hand with two cards is known as the hand in front while the hand with five cards is known as the hand behind.

Online Pai Gow Poker Hand Values

When looking at the hand with two cards, or the hand in front, players can make either a pair or they can utilise this hand for high cards. The hand with five cards, or the hand behind, is ranked by poker hands. The hands for poker sites NZ from lowest to highest are as follows. The lowest is high card. This is then followed by one pair, then two pair, then three of a kind.

From there it moves to straight, flush, and full house. After a full house is four of a kind and then on to the highest which is a straight flush. The straight flush is ranked highest because the odds are so low of getting that combination of cards.

A straight flush is composed of five cards that are in order or sequence and all have the same suit. An example of this could be nine of spades, ten of spades, jack of spades, queen of spades and king of spades. A higher combination of cards will beat a lower combination.