Oasis Poker Pro Series Game Review From Players

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The Oasis Poker Pro Series is a series of unique poker games that has been created for online play by developer Net Entertainment. This series of games is offered under NetEnt’s proprietary Professional Series, which includes a number of classic casino table games such as poker, blackjack, american roulette sites, baccarat, Texas Hold’em, punto banco and more, all of which have been adapted for online play.

Each table game featured in NetEnt’s Professional Series is available in a standard limit version, a low limit version and a high limit version, allowing each individual player to select the betting structure that best suits their budgets and gambling needs.

While Oasis Poker Pro may be one of the lesser known poker variations available online, this game is based on the more prolific game of Caribbean Stud poker, with only a few differences between the two games. Thus, players who are familiar with Caribbean Stud will quickly take to Oasis Poker Pro, as both games share the same rules and general methods of game play.

The Basics of Oasis Poker Pro

In a game of Oasis Poker Pro, players play against the house using similar rules to those used in a game of Caribbean Stud poker. However, Oasis Poker Pro presents a few key differences to its players, including the ability to exchange up to 5 of the cards in their hand for new ones from the deck at a fee.

Another difference between these two games comes in regarding payout structure. NetEnt’s Oasis Poker Pro also does not offer a progressive jackpot like Caribbean Stud does; instead, the lack of a progressive prize warrants higher payouts on average during the game, which will also be proportionately higher when playing Oasis Poker Pro at online poker sites USA.

How to Play Oasis Poker Pro

Playing Oasis Poker Pro begins by a player placing an ante bet of their choice, after which 5 cards will be dealt to each the player involved and the dealer. The player’s virtual cards will all be visible when dealt, while the dealer’s cards will all face down except for the hole card, which will be visible. Players will then have the option to discard up to 5 of their cards for a fee should they wish to do so. Once this has been completed, the best 5 card poker hand will win the game, and players will claim their respective payouts. In order to qualify, the dealer must hold a poker hand of an Ace and a King or better.

High and Low Limit Variations

When playing Oasis Poker Pro, players will be able to choose from three variations of the game, including a standard limit version and games offering high and low limits as well. The Oasis Poker Pro standard game offers a minimum bet limit of 1.00, while Oasis Poker Pro Low Limit offers a reduced minimum bet of 0.10.

Oasis Poker Pro High Limit, on the other hand, allows players wagering limits of between 25.00 and 500.00, making the game more suitable for high rolling gamblers. With a theoretical RTP percentage of 99.27%, all of the games in the Oasis Poker Pro Series are considered to be low variance, offering a relatively high return to players when played at NetEnt casinos.

Players who wish to learn more about the rules and strategies involved in Oasis Poker Pro can also play free versions of the game, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the game’s rules before choosing to play for real money.