The Ultimate Jacks or Better Multihand Guide

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Realtime Gaming developed a Jacks or Better multihand version where various numbers of hands from three to one hundred are played simultaneously. The game is one of the most popular video poker variants in the world and offers the simplistic game play, graphics and sound effects of the single hand version but with additional hands to play for added action.

Jacks or Better multihand online video poker is a popular choice for both real money players and those wishing to play for fun as the software offers a free play mode. There is also a downloadable option that is compatible with a variety of online devices including mobile.

Betting on Jacks or Better Multihand

Each of the chosen hands in play have the same bet amount placed which can be from one to five coins per hand with varying values. The coins are placed individually with the use of the bet one button or the maximum bet of five coins are placed by using the bet max button.

The different values of the coins are denominations of 0.05; 0.25; 0.50; 1.00 and 5.00 with the maximum bet per hand being a denomination of 25.00.

How to Play the Multihand Version

The Jacks or Better multihand version is played much the same as the single hand version apart from slight differences like the fact that there are more hands at play. Each selected hand is dealt from a pack of fifty two cards that are shuffled after every deal.

The main hand displayed at the bottom of the screen is dealt five cards face up. Any card or potential poker hand can be held by clicking on the selected card. The remaining cards left are then discarded. The draw button is used to replace the discarded cards.

At this point all of the hands display the same selection of cards that were held and new cards are dealt to make up a five card hand. The final five card hands are then evaluated for any winning poker combinations and are paid out according to the Jacks or Better multihand pay table.

Winning amounts can be doubled with the double up feature. The feature involves selecting one of four face down cards to reveal if the card is of a greater value than the one card that the dealer has shown. A greater value represents a win while a lower value results in the amount being lost.

Jacks or Better Multihand Pay Outs

The Jacks or Better multihand poker rankings are the standard combinations in the typical order. The royal flush is the highest ranking combination, then the straight flush; four of a kind; full house; flush; straight; three of a kind; two pairs and the lowest valued combination is the pairs with the jacks being the minimum value.

The pay outs are higher when the maximum of five coins have been bet on a hand. There is slight difference between the single hand and multihand pay outs but they generally range from 1 coin up to a high amount of 4 000 coins. Make sure you try this tips out the next time you’re playing  a game, provided you’re not off trying the blackjack, poker or online bingo Canada and other regions currently have on offer.