Uncovering the Sports Wagering at Online Betting Sites in NZ

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Sports Wagering at Online Betting Sites in NZ

Online betting NZ websites are an excellent avenue to look at for modern day punters wanting to find some good fixtures to place a bet on. It can be a bit overwhelming at first as there are so many options on the internet but it need not be.

When it comes to online betting NZ sites punters are spoilt for choice. Add to this the rich sporting environment of NZ and it has all the makings of a sports bettor’s paradise.

Different sports have different seasonal calendars but many of them overlap so punters will never be left stranded with nothing to do. Let us take a look at what some of the sports are that are commonly bet on in fantastic market.


Cricket has really made a big comeback over the past few years with its reinvention of the game through the ever entertaining format of T20 cricket.

There are so many fixtures and betting types for keen punters to place a wager on and going to an online betting NZ company will be the easiest and most convenient place to start. If Test cricket is more your pace then they’ll have you covered there too.

Bettors can find anything from club cricket all the way up to ICC World Cup fixtures (when available) and all can be accessed online.

Cricket has such massive betting potential and with so many different facets of the game to consider you will always find a great deal of opportunities with some great odds.


Rugby rivalries are legendary and the mass appeal of the sport is evident in the enormous support that is seen at local venues. This explains why there is so much potential for excellent odds and great pool dividends for the sport.

Everything from domestic titles all the way up to the international leagues are available for punters to place a wager on and an online betting NZ provider is just the ticket to get you in on some rugby betting action.

These include Super Rugby and Quad Nations fixtures. And of course the massive popularity of The Rugby World Cup is a huge crowd pleaser as well.

Rugby Online Wagers


Boxing boasts many global championship events from many different divisions. Betting can be as straight forward as selecting who the victor be in a matchup, or as precise as in which round the fight will end.

There are many variables that make for an exciting fight and this means that there are always extensive data sets for each match up.

Horse Racing

Placing a horse racing bet is just as easy on your mobile device as it is on you home PC, don’t let the day’s action interfere with your schedule.

So whether you are a beginner looking to place a cautious introductory bet or whether you are a seasoned veteran of the race track you are guaranteed to find an event via one of the many online betting NZ websites.